STEP 1 Ensure the temperature in the control panel is displayed.

STEAP 2 Press the ‘TEMPERATURE’ button that will cause continuous flashing of the numbers in the control panel.

STEP 3 To select the desired water temperature, press the arrows ‘TEMP UP’ or ‘TEMP DOWN’.

STEP 4 Once the desired temperature is displayed in the control panel, press the button ‘TEMPERATURE’ again to stop the flashing of the indicator. The temperature is set and locked now.

STEP 5 Press the ‘HEATER’ button to start the heating system – a red LED light will appear on both the buttons of the heater and filter. The filter system will automatically start circulating the water. Finally, fit your Wave Spa with the top cover and leave the heater to reach the desired temperature.


The heater and filter will stop when the temperature is reached, but the heater light will stay on.

When the water temperature drops below the set temperature by 2°C, the heater restarts automatically until it reaches the preset temperature

The cost of running a hot tub will vary considerably depending on how it is used, when not in use *always* replace the cover to avoid heat loss. The hotter you have the water temperature the more it will cost to maintain. When not in use/overnight the temperature can be switched off to save electricity, the water temperature will drop a few degrees and then take an hour or so to reach your desired temperature again the next morning.
Below is an example:

The heater is 1800 Watts or 1.8KW. If the temperature of your starting water is 20°C and you want to heat it to 30°C, it would take between 8.5 and 11.3 hours to reach that temperature if the rise is between 1.5-2.0°C per hour. If your electrical rate is 14.5 pence per hour for example, multiply the KW value by the pence per hour and multiply it by the total hours, so:

14.5 x 1.8 = 0.26 x 8.5hrs = £2.22 for water heating; or 14.5 x 1.8 = 0.26 x 11.3hrs = £2.94 for water heating.

If we take an average, we would estimate that heating up the water in the hot tub will cost about £2.58.

The motor is 600 Watts or 0.6KW to operate the bubbles. If you use for 1 hour, the cost is:

14.5 x 0.6 = 0.09 x 1 = £0.09 per hour

To operate the hot tub with heat on and bubbles for 1 hour:

14.5 x 2.4 = 0.35 x 1 = £0.35 per hour

The hot tubs can take anything from 6 to 20 hours to reach optimal temperature depending on outside weather conditions and temperature of water at time of installation.

Yes, the spa has been designed to operate for 15 minutes and then for 10 minutes it will stop. Press ‘Bubbles’ again after this time to restart. This is designed to protect the pump from overwork and extend the life of the Wave Spa.

We require a flat surface of at least 3x3m to install your tub, and a hose pipe connected to a suitable water source.

Yes, we may still be able to provide you with a hot tub. We have tap adapters which can be attached to your kitchen tap if compatible.

It usually takes about 1-2 hours depending on the size of the hot tub, your hose, and the water pressure in your area.

Yes, children may use the hot tub with constant supervision from an adult.

Children under 14 years of age must have the hot tub temperature set to 37*c or below. We advise all users but particularly children, to take regular breaks & stay hydrated. The hot tub cover must be secured between usage to prevent any unsupervised use. We accept no liability for any injury, illness or death of any users of the hot tubs.

We ask that you pull the plug 1 hour before we collect the hot tub so that the water can drain before we arrive. You can attach a hose to the outlet pipe to direct the water to a drain – we ask that you do this overnight before collection.

Between every use our hot tubs are cleaned with a specific spa cleaning treatment and fully dried before being stored.

Every new hire will receive a new filter and chemicals to help keep the hot tub water clean during the hire.

It is advised for pregnant women to use a hot tub cautiously due to risks of overheating, dehydration and fainting as well as unknown possible harm that could be caused to the baby. If you are pregnant or suffer with ANY medical condition, including but not limited to heart/skin/blood conditions you MUST consult your GP before use. Users do so at their own risk.

People with open wounds and/or infectious diseases must not use the hot tub for the safety and health of others